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Six ways to publish your content successfully


As a publisher, you are looking to streamline your publishing process.

A mathematician observing it would probably describe it as adding to your bottomline, reducing your worries, multiplying your publishing lists and dividing responsibilities so you don’t have to do all the heavy-lifting yourself. And when all of these happen, you get the perfect publishing equation.

There’s one simple way to make it happen.

Choose the right publishing partner — someone who understands your needs and can partner you towards your publishing goals, all the while keeping you in control.

So how do you know if someone’s the perfect publishing partner for you?

Here are six ways to find out.

1. Ask the right questions

Does the publishing platform have all the requisite tools to handle your publishing process, end to end? What are the benefits that you get? How can they improve your business prospects?

Asking the right questions can go a long way in finding out how good an enabler your publishing platform can be for you.

2. Are the two of you in sync?

When you choose the right platform, you need to look for someone who can challenge himself to think for you. In the most efficient manner.

Someone who’s constantly thinking of what’s best for you. And is helping you build your future.

3. Follow your way

Often, the way to succeed is by following your instincts and by creating your own path.

So, it doesn’t matter what others are doing. You need to find out what works for you. And if you have chosen to walk a different path, you need someone who can partner you in your journey.

Will the publishing platform walk this road less travelled with you? If yes, they are probably the perfect people to partner with.

4. Chase your vision

It is a well-documented fact that traditional publishing processes are fraught with bottlenecks. But it’s your determination that’s driving you to your goals. So, if you have a good publishing partner who can stay with you right through your publishing journey and ensures that you meet your objectives, you don’t have to lose sight of your vision.

Your preferred content platform will always be there, lighting up the way.

5. Find out what benefits you

Often publishers, in their attempt to balance their business objectives and the creative aspects of publishing, end up making choices that may not be truly beneficial.

It’s important to be prudent in your selection of a publishing partner. Find someone who can understand what you are looking for and offer you a publishing solution that benefits you.

6. Ensure a good experience

As with books, the publishing process needs a good beginning and a great finish — and a good journey between the two. Make sure your chosen content platform ensures all three.

That means having a publishing partner who will stay the course, kick-starting the process by understanding your requirements, supporting you right through and delivering on quality and timelines as agreed upon.

Now that you know what it takes to find the perfect publishing partner and have your content published successfully, you could begin your search for one. Or you could end it right here.

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