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Marshall Cavendish Education launches pilot with PageMajik


Leading Singapore-based education publisher Marshall Cavendish Education will be piloting PageMajik’s publishing workflow-based Content Management System. The roll out will happen in stages, upon the successful completion of the pilot.

Marshall Cavendish Education produces more than 400 curriculum-based titles each year, and, working with PageMajik, the publisher’s authors, editors and designers will be able to work together on one intuitive platform to improve collaboration, streamline workflows, and assist in meeting deadlines.

Richard Soh, Manager of Publishing Systems and Administration at Marshall Cavendish Education commented: “We are very excited about working with PageMajik. We anticipate that the product will dramatically improve the way we produce and publish content across the organisation, bringing more speed and efficiency into our publishing processes.”

Ashok Giri, CEO at PageMajik stated: “Marshall Cavendish Education has a magnificent history and heritage in education publishing and we are delighted to be working with the company to implement our product across their business. We are really looking forward to this collaboration and are confident that the PageMajik system will bring about positive change to the way Marshall Cavendish Education develop and produce content.”

About Marshall Cavendish Education

A subsidiary of Times Publishing Limited, Marshall Cavendish Education is the leading provider of distinctive K–12 educational solutions in Singapore, providing Singapore schools with innovative, high-quality content and solutions.

For 60 years, Marshall Cavendish Education has constantly developed solutions.to ensure educational excellence and has earned the approval of the Ministry of Education, Singapore.

Headquartered in Singapore, Marshall Cavendish Education has offices in Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Chile and the United States. The brand is also recognised worldwide for its work in ensuring excellent educational standards and for continuously raising the quality of learning around the world, inspiring students and educators to learn and teach more effectively.

For more information, please visit www.mceducation.com.

About PageMajik

We are a 40-member team comprising experienced industry professionals and tech wizards with relevant domain experience in both the publishing and the software development side. Our core team has worked with the publishing industry for a combined 10 decades and has been able to use the experience to develop a truly revolutionary product. We listen to the needs of our customers, and incorporate forward-facing ideas into the development of our solution. Our product is ever-changing as we are constantly trying to improve the experience for our users.

For more information, please visit www.pagemajik.com.

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