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17 ways to make publishing more convenient!


This is the age of convenience.

We would rather someone else navigated through the traffic on our way to work.

And someone else cooked what we ate.

And someone else shopped for us and delivered it to our doorstep.


You get the drift.

So why should you have to do the heavy lifting when it comes to publishing?

There’s just one thing you need to do to breeze through your journey to the next bestseller — find the publishing platform that’s perfect for you.

So how does one do that?

Here’s how…

1. A good publishing platform should be absolutely easy to use and should not require any expert help in its day-to-day operations

2. It should offer you access to an online Help function so you can get instant assistance, whenever you need it

3. It should offer you a trial, even if for a limited period, so you can sample the system’s functions and features

4. It should not be just a content creation tool, but also act as your content repository and archival tool

5. In case your systems are affected and you cannot access your content, your publishing platform should be able to offer you disaster recovery facilities

6. It should make your processes faster without compromising on quality

7. It should reduce your go-to-market timelines significantly

8. It should adapt to your existing publishing processes and not expect you to make changes in your existing systems

9. It should save you money not just in its purchase, but also by offering you precious market information and feedback from experts on the market potential of your content even before you go ahead with its publishing

10. It should not necessitate added investment in new hardware or software

11. It should not shock you with any hidden costs

12. It should ensure 100% data integrity and backup at all times

13. It should meet all the requisite security protocols for data integrity

14. It should be flexible enough to work in different environments (Mac/ Windows) and across different industry standards

15. You should be assured of 100% support, both online and on-call

16. You should be able to access helpdesk round the clock in case you need support

17. You should be future-proofed and not be made to constantly upgrade

If your publishing platform can ensure all of the above, you’re in good hands. And if you’re still on the lookout for a good publishing partner who can simplify your publishing process, we’ve made that convenient as well!

Gain better visibility and control over your entire processes.
Retain control over your content; archive and retrieve at will.
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