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10 questions you need to ask before choosing your content platform


Choosing the right partner for your publishing needs can go a long way in helping you achieve your publishing goals, but how do you choose the right partner in the first place?

Here are 10 questions you could ask and ascertain that your publishing process is in the right hands.

1. Have you understood my requirements?

Chances are, your publishing goals might be quite different from others in your industry. A good publishing partner learns to acknowledge this and offer you a bespoke solution instead of trying to saddle you with what he already has.

2. My requirements could evolve rapidly. Can you accommodate this change?

It’s not a mere cliché that change is the only constant. You need a partner who can think on his feet, innovate and keep pace with the changing environment.

3. Can you support me right through my publishing process?

A good publishing partner never leaves you stranded midway through your publishing process. He should be in a position to offer you end-to-end solutions, so what you get to see is the final outcome and not a reason to look for options.

4. Are my milestones, yours?

Your publishing partner needs to be in sync with your goals and work with you towards achieving them. He needs to be passionate enough to go the extra mile for you. In other words, he needs to show you that it’s not just technology, it’s a lot of heart as well.

5. Can your process accommodate mine?

You already have a set-up and need to ensure that your publishing is done without interrupting or modifying it. A knowledgeable publishing partner can do that, by tailoring his tools to suit your process and not the other way around.

6. How good are you with technology?

A good content platform is one that can evolve with technology. Content Management System? Check. Artificial Intelligence? Check. Blockchain? Check. In other words, your partner should be able to adapt to the latest technology to ensure that your publishing process gets easier, better and faster.

7. Can you help me get to market quicker, but without losing my quality edge?

Speed is of the essence, but not at the cost of quality. Quality is paramount, but without sacrificing efficiency and speed. Your publishing partner should be capable of offering both — at a reasonable price too.

8. Do you have the tools to support me not just today, but tomorrow as well?

A good publishing partner ensures that he ushers in the future of publishing into your business, so you are always ahead of your competition. And he does that with an ever-growing product suite and constantly evolving technology that takes your publishing into the future.

9. Will you be able to support me with creating and monetizing content too, in addition to publishing it?

Often, it takes a bit of help to nurture a ‘big idea’ that can lead to publishing success and give the world valuable content. Your publishing partner shouldn’t just restrict himself to publishing duties, but should also help you at every stage of your publishing journey, from ideation to eventually helping you monetize your published content.

10. I want more than your tools. I want you to handle my publishing. Can you?

A good content partner doesn’t stop with sharing his tools, but also offers his expertise. He should be able to show you how you can use his product effectively, and when the need arises, get your complete publishing done for you.

If you have found a publishing partner who answers all these questions satisfactorily, congratulations! But if you haven’t, you could ask the same questions here.

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